raining mind.

in the end, it's just you.



the way she looked.

there was something so special in her, something really magical because she could make you feel just by talking about the most random things ever. she had a strange way to life. she looked at life very differently than other... Continue Reading →

you don’t know anything.

you don't know what you do to the girl sitting at the back not wanting anyone to notice the way she is struggling. you don't know what you do when you ignore the same person who expects a hello from... Continue Reading →

to the best friend who turned away.

we were everything and then we weren’t. remember, when we used to sneak out of our windows to play outside all day and we would think we were such rebels. remember, when we used to have an alarm of 5... Continue Reading →

to be happy and let be happy.

we crave absolutes, they comfort us but life is infinitely more complex than that. sometimes, things are twisted and no one can tell you how to get over it. making situations difficult only depends on how you solve them and... Continue Reading →

what he was.

he was like the boy next door. a little mysterious, a little cheesy and a little too sweet for me. he would talk to me as if the words he is saying are so special and precious that no one... Continue Reading →

she started painting her nails black again.

she started painting her nails black again. she thought It’s the only color that could make her get lost in it without thinking about anything else. without thinking about him again. she knew he would mess her up again and... Continue Reading →

letter to someone who understood.

i know i can’t cope up with it like you did. i know i can’t understand it like you did and maybe i will never be able to but at least i tried. i did feel useless for most the... Continue Reading →

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