there was something so special in her, something really magical because she could make you feel just by talking about the most random things ever. she had a strange way to life. she looked at life very differently than other people. the way her eyes sparkled when she talked about her favorite movie and how possessive she was about it. she always used to hesitate before telling people about her favorite things because she was afraid what if they stole it and make it their favorite too. she was really interested in constellations and galaxies and space. she didn’t like books but her friends did so she used to lie and say she loved books to seem cool. she used to tell me stories about how she loved the sunshine and the way it made everything shine. then one day, i realized, she was exactly the opposite of me. there was no sadness behind her eyes. there was no guilt. there was no stress. it was fascinating to see her. she looked like a dream. a dream at the back of my mind with no glorious filter to it. she looked like a memory. a good one which made me remember of the time when it was all right. the way she looked in my head was like a beautiful memory of the old times. somewhere, she reminded me of the good times. but then i snapped back to reality and i realized, maybe in the long run, we weren’t that different.