Between life and life
because this time if you don’t, you’ll lose.
You don’t wanna loose do you?
You never wanted to.
Now that life is hitting you hard,
and you want to make it go away,
you choose to avoid it.
No, don’t.
Situations will come up to you wrapped up in a faded dress with a choker.
A choker meant to suffocate you until you choose.

Don’t be scared, it’s fine.
Maybe you bought the faded dress for it.
Why can’t you make it easier?
Why did you not do anything?
Don’t take so much time because
life doesn’t give you time.
Life isn’t giving you time.
What if you choose the wrong one?

Drown in your own regret.
Regret of losing and regret of winning because neither of them will give you joy.
Not enough to make you float on this sweet water after you chose with chaos running down the back of your mind.
I know it’s not that easy.


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