tips to somewhat feel free.

  • accept what is happening around you. I spent the majority of last year questioning things and maybe being curious is a good thing but you also need to accept it and mold it into how you would want them to be. if there is trouble, then deal with it. if there are good things, then be happy and enjoy it.
  • start to talk to people around you and your friends. they are your friends for a reason. you don’t have to feel like a burden to them. if they are your friends, they would want you to talk to them. your problems are not unnecessary. they are what will make you evolve as a person. greet strangers. make friends. be social. don’t be scared.
  • start loving yourself. I know that this will take time. let it take time. let it consume you to the point where all you think about is you. that’s what we want. self care is the key to loving yourself. so start now. this will make you happy. I guarantee it. don’t think twice before taking a break or giving yourself a day off. take it a day at a time.
  • confess more. tell people you don’t like what they did. tell people you like them. tell people what they did really inspired you or motivated. compliment people. come off as nice as you can.
  • discover more. wear the outfit that hides in your closet behind the shirt you wear everyday. you have it because you liked it and wanted to wear it. so don’t be afraid. be confident and be bold. you can be different sometimes. attention isn’t always bad.
  • build a good support system. spend time with people you want to spend time with. love people. trust people. the more you learn to love your surroundings, the more you begin to love yourself.
  • feelings are meant to be felt. whether it be love, pain, sadness, happiness or anything. cherish it as it is. they won’t change according to you. they will change according to your surroundings. don’t be hard on yourself for it.
  • be yourself and be faithful. do things that you want to do. do things that you love. don’t be lazy. don’t skip events that you are scared of. take risks but also be safe. build 2017 the way you want. but its fine if you fall down once in a while, we all do and we all get up.



(i am sorry. i will post something good next time)


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