to the best friend who turned away.

we were everything and then we weren’t. remember, when we used to sneak out of our windows to play outside all day and we would think we were such rebels. remember, when we used to have an alarm of 5 pm everyday just so we could meet and watch our favorite TV show together. remember, when we used to celebrate everything together on the roof of our apartments. remember, when we were neighbors. i tried to forget your name so that i could move on and forget those good memories we made together but i can’t. we were young and so happy. we were so carefree. maybe all of it was my fault. i should have tried to reach out but i was so afraid. i still am. what if you don’t remember me? i always used to think, i was going to be the person to always have a lot of good friends around but honestly, in this moment, i don’t. and i wish i had you. i wish i had someone like you to tell everything. god, i want to tell you so many things. i have so many secrets I want to share. i have so many stories to tell but i don’t have you. i just want you to know that if i had one more chance to change this, i would. I would have said goodbye before leaving. why couldn’t you stop me?  i just want you to know that i wish you were here. i wish you didn’t turn away.





(this is fictional. i was reading a story and this is about one of the characters in it. also, not my best work tbh)


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