to be happy and let be happy.

we crave absolutes, they comfort us but life is infinitely more complex than that.

sometimes, things are twisted and no one can tell you how to get over it. making situations difficult only depends on how you solve them and maybe it all becomes a mess at one point. we made mistakes but we learned to stand by them. this is what should lead us to a more better life ahead. being there for someone who needs you at most should be our first priority no matter if they are a friend or not. people are flawed. we all are and it will bring us more relief if we learn to accept that and move on. media will always blind us from the truth. it applies it’s shiny gloss over every ugly tragedy happening around us. and yes, it’s difficult because we all have been living under this glossed sheet since we were born. some realize and leave whereas some avoid it and believe the lies of it. sure, false hope sometimes gets you forward but the disappointment that comes with it can ruin all. we can’t possibly seem to not hear people around us talking about the same thing with different plot twists but we sure can ignore it and believe what we believe in. we all have problems. we all have tough lives. we all want happiness whether we accept it or not so this is one way of doing it. being your own person because there is complexity in this world which will only begin to increase with time and time never stop so does the race of life. the vulnerability will never leave. the toxicity will never leave. but one smile can light up many hearts, whether we realize it or not. we need to be happy and let be happy.


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