1. hold their hand. as simple it sounds, as simple it is. you may not even know how good it feels unless you do it and how many things it says. its just a sweet gesture but so much more than that. its a symbol of acceptance.
  2. write your feelings to them. sometimes, you cant say things properly or express them but writing it to them will be your savior. you know what you feel, write it down and give it to them. and that smile you see when they read it is worth everything. it will make your heart jump, in a good way and make you love them even more.
  3. be there with them. in that moment, nothing should be more important. just stay there and listen to them speak how their day was or what they did. it may not seem important but they are. its what your insides will speak. just forget everything else and love them. this bond you have is so special and so many people are dying for it so appreciate it.
  4. hug them as much as you can. give them the warmth they deserve. if they can do anything for you, so can you.
  5. loving someone can be hard and terrifying buts its sweet and simple at the same thing. who doesn’t have fights, who doesn’t have arguments but the thing that matters the most in the end is your love and their love.

(i am not qualified to write about this because i don’t even who what love is at this point but i did anyways and this was the outcome. not my best work is all i would say? lol)