how to forget someone who is hard to forget.

  1. don’t turn your eyes to his face whenever you have nothing else to see. you know you are over it. its just your other side of the brain telling you to but ignore it because you heart will burn into ashes by just looking at him. talking. smiling. not aware that you are even looking at him. so just turn to your other side. talk to your best friend. she loves you. you know that.
  2. don’t talk about him. he is not worth it. whoever it is that you are dreading to be with, don’t talk about how nice he is when he talks to you or how he smiles and you smile and its all wonderful. make it go away. focus on something else. he isn’t a part of your life. stop wasting your time.
  3. don’t think about him with other girls and please don’t hate them. you know he will find someone and instead of hating her, trust her that she will keep him happy and alive. you don’t have to be jealous because he isn’t yours. you don’t have the right to and i think this the time you finally learn that.
  4. don’t look in his eyes while talking to him. it will take you within again when you are finally getting over it. be straight and blank. if it becomes hard, just move on. you don’t have to talk to him. he isn’t your priority but trust me, if you somehow end up being a friend, its much better than just being nothing.
  5. don’t regret liking him. even if it wasn’t a part of your life, it was a phase where you learned and discovered about yourself. appreciate every single detail. you will move on one day but you know it wasn’t just a ‘crush’ and its okay. you know it.

we all know its hard to forget someone you want to remember so badly but you have to. no one can sugarcoat this for you. sugar is bad for you anyways.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. earvinwaslo says:

    hahahaha. I like the P.S. lol


  2. Merrill says:

    That stuff seriously this is an issue thats quite often pushed aside in my opinion. Thanks for the post and I will be sure to follow the progress


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